L'ex Juventus Evra rende omaggio a Ferguson

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L'ex Juventus Evra rende omaggio a Ferguson

E' stato un calciatore centrale, in termini progettuali e di leadership, in qualsiasi squadra in cui ha giocato.

Patrice Evra è stato protagonista, prima di approdare alla Juventus, di una consistente parentesi al Manchester United, in cui ha trovato la sua definitiva consacrazione.

Il francese pare essere rimasto ancora legato al suo allenatore del tempo, Sir Alex Ferguson, come è possibile evincere dal post Instagram sottostante:


I would like to express my long held view of Patrice Evra,s future in Football, I’ve been hounding him to first of all get his Coaching Badges,Which he’s done,I strongly believe that this young man has many qualities necessary in the Football industry of today. Patrice was one of my loyal and consistent players for Eight years, in that time he showed qualities of a future Coach or Manager.he has an endearing affection which is easy to recognise,has two important qualities his Personality is infectious and his Communication skills are vital as a Leader, I think players who have had illustrious careers as players are always going to be interesting but looking beyond that is more demanding in assessing the Character of the man Patrice is an outstanding example of the best types of human beings, I’d place my confidence in him 100% merci 😊 ♥️🙏#ilovethisgame #positive4evra #manchesterunited

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