Khedira insultato, commenti disabilitati su Instagram

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Khedira insultato, commenti disabilitati su Instagram

Sami Khedira è stato oggetto di insulti da parte dei tifosi della Juve dopo il post che lo stesso centrocampista tedesco ha pubblicato su Instagram, giurando amore ai bianconeri. I supporters, però, l'hanno preso di mira, rinfacciandogli anche di non aver rescisso il contratto. Il clciatore si è poi visto costretto a disabilitare i commenti. 


Very tough season for me! While I am obviously excited about our team's success and the 9th Scudetto in a row, the time since December was super frustrating for me personally. Two major injuries limited me to only 18 games this season. I simply expect a lot more from myself! However, every time you fall down you have to get up again! That's been my attitude throughout my professional career of 14 years so far, during which I was able to win 20 titles in three of the best leagues in Europe. Believe me, I work extremely hard on myself every day, to comeback as quickly as possible and I am convinced that I can get back to my old strength. All Bianconeri also know that I am only here because I really love and respect this great club, the fans, the region and Juve's unparalleled heritage! Since I came here 5 years ago we already had a tremendous run and this season still has one title to be won! I will continue to give it all I have to finally come back completely healthy because I not only love our club, the game of Football and the Bianconeri but I also believe that we can jointly continue to write history in Juve's name!

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